your personality in other eye's
This short 10 question quiz gives you scintillating results that pertain to your personality and how others view you. You can take these results and do with them what you will. Some believe them to be of great importance...others not so much.
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When do you feel best?
In the morning
During the afternoon and early evening
Late at night
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You usually walk....
Fairly fast with long steps
Less fast, head up, looking the world in the face
Less fast, head down
Very slowly
Fairly fast with little steps
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When talking to people you…
Have one or both hands on your hips
Have your hands clasped
Play with your ear, touch your chin, or smooth your hair
Touch or push the person to whom you are talking
Stand with your arms folded
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When relaxing, you sit with…
Your knees bent with your legs neatly side by side
Your legs stretched out or straight
Your legs crossed
One leg curled under you
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When something really amuses you, you react with…
Big appreciated laugh
A sheepish smile
A laugh but not a loud one
Quiet chuckle
6 / 10
When you go to a party or social gathering…
Make the quietest entrance, trying to stay unnoticed
Make a quiet entrance, looking around for someone you know
Make a loud entrance so everybody notices you
7 / 10
You’re working very hard, concentrating hard, and you’re interrupted…
Feel extremely irrtated
Vary between these two extremes
Welcome the break
8 / 10
Which of the following colors do you like the most?
white, brown, or gray
dark blue or purple
yellow or light blue
red or orange
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When you are in bed at night, in those last few moments before going to sleep you are...
With your head under the covers
Streched out face down on your stomach
With your head on one arm
On your side, slightly curled
Stretched out on your back
10 / 10
You often dream that you are...
Flying or floating
You usually have dreamless sleep
Searching for something or somebody
Fighting or struggling
Your dreams are always pleasant
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