Would You Survive The Purge?
n honor of the release of The Purge: Anarchy trailer, I decided to make this because I really enjoyed the movie. Short story results, unless you survive of course, then theres not really much explaining necessary xD
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What would you do on the day of The Purge?
I'm a bundle of nerves the entire day, checking every lock multiple times and taking a couple practice shots/ sharpening my machete
Wait for my husband/wife/family/friend to get home, so we can decided what to do together. We don't have any enemies per say, so we should be fine.
Make sure there is plenty of food in the house! That's all you really need to do.
Get all my guns loaded, make sure there's gas in my car, and prepare for my adventures.
Eh, what I do normally during any other day. I mean, the purge doesn't start till 7pm, and I usually make it home before then.
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The siren sounds, what is your first reaction?
Absolute panic, I don't get home till after 7!
Grin to myself, tonight's going to be fun!
Eh nothing, I'm sure I'm fine, why would anyone have a reason to come after me?
To be honest, I feel like I'm going to throw up, I just sit on the couch for a while trying to relax.
Gulp, there are crimes you are going to commit tonight, but it's for the good of those you love.
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What is your weapon of choice? (Be honest with your weapon wielding abilities here)
Simple handgun
Well, there's always knives in the kitchen!
Saiga-12 Semi-Automatic Shotgun
A bat
Flame thrower
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There is a knock at the door, and you hear the voice of a preteen crying and begging to be let in. The purge has been going on for about two hours now. What do you do?
I pretend I don't hear anything
I tell them to go away
I shoot them right away, they're knocking scared the crap out of me
I'm out purging! They're out of luck
I very hesitantly let them in.
I let them in! They're so young, they could be in danger!
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You hear giggling from outside. When you get suspicious and go to look, you see a group of people gathered on your lawn, wielding bottles of alcohol with a cloth that has been lit at the end. They begin throwing said bottles at the house, and soon, one ends up through the window, and now half of your home is on fire. What do you do?
Bolt out of the house
Try and put it out
Go to the basement
I'm setting fire to other peoples houses!
Go to the top floor and open a window, hoping you don't die
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You hear a suspicious noise coming from the door, what do you do?
Watch the door cautiously, frozen in fear
Shoot the door
Run to the other side of the house and hide, only coming out after awhile if you don't hear anything else
Grab a gun and go check it out
Look out the window to see what it is
Grab a knife and go check it out
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