Would you escape when you were kidnaped?
Image that you were kidnaped by a stranger. Are you smart enough to escape in this situation? Take this quiz to find out.
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You're coming home on the solitary street. It seemingly there is a stranger is following you. What would you do?
Keep walking calmly, occasionally returning to check the situation
Run away
Run to the school
Stop walking and scream loudly “who’s that? I know you are there”
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He kept following you to a deserted alley. He blocked the alley and ahead is fence. What would you do?
Attack him
scream out loud
Jump over fence
Hiding behind trash. Hoping he wouldn't see yo
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Suddenly he thrusts you to the wall. Although he has no weapon but you know that you can’t fight him. You…
Give up
Punching him in the nose.
Stomping hard on his feet.
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He let you go and moves back. You slide along the wall and sit down on the ground. There is a shovel near fence that can use as weapon. You...
Jump over fence with the shovel
Pick the shovel up and hit on his head
Run away
Punching and run away
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Escape successfully. You were caught while running a way. He lock your arms again. You see a knife in his hand. You….
Crying and begging
It's done
Hopelessly resistance
Scream out loud
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He threw you in a truck that there are two accomplices were waiting. He growled in your ear: "Shut up or I hit." he pushed you into the back seat. Your reaction...
I should shut up my mouth
Glance them
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Two guys hold you while left guy pours something on a towel. He slowly apply medicated towel on your face. Your reaction…
Hit the guy nearest
Run or try to run
Good bye...
Oh my god! I'm dead
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Everything become hazy, dizzy, and you’re unconscious ... Your reaction…
Hopelessly resistance
Mom, I love you
Have to stay awake
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You wake up in a basement and have a terrible headache. A guy is standing at the door. There are few windows, but if you break he surely will hear. Your reaction…
Begin to panic and start screaming hoping they will get irritated and let me go
Anyway, I have to break the window
Just walking up and down
Look around the room to find something can become a weapon to attack that guy
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When he brought you the food, he is negligent and don't close the door. You went outside and saw: the stairs leading to the upper floor, a long corridor and the door open. You choose which way?
The stare
The door
Run along corridor. I’m not sure
I’m not sure, just running and screaming
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You run out, but the surrounding area is deserted and three bad guys are chasing by cars. There is a small alley near a neighbor's house with the door open and a small park. Which way would you chose?
Just keep running on the street
Neighbor's house
Small alley
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