Why do people hate you?
You always think that you're a good person. It's not like everyone likes you. Have you ever wonder why people don't like you? Take this quiz to know the reason.
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Choose a pair of animals you like most
Pig and Macaw
Dog and lamb
Cat and Horse
Dog and cat
Kangaroos and koalas
Dalmatians and turtles
Cat and fox
Tiger and Shar Pei dogs
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How is a perfect birthday party to you?
A crazy overnight party
A quiet night with my best friends
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When you have an argument with someone, what would you do?
Keep talking until i win.
Leave! I don't care what he/she says.
There will be something broken by my hand.
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Which is your dream job?
Rock star
Movies star
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Which factor do you base on to make decision?
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Which of these make you laugh?
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Do you pound of yourself?
No. So what?
Of course.
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Which gameshow do you like?
The Voice
Amazing Race
So You Think You Can Dance
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Who is your idol?
Oprah Winfrey
Mark Zuckerberg
Victoria Beckham
Michael Jackson
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So you're walking down a street when someone accidentally bumps into you. What is your reaction?
I'll be the shit out of them for bumping into me. That'll teach them.
I'd help them up and go on. I've got other things to worry about.
I'd give them a glare and curse them under my breath, then move on.
Great! My day was bad to start with, now I'm being run into. Just my luck.
If it's a guy/girl, I'll help them up, apologize, and hopefully start up a conversation.. Get to know the person.
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