Why are you still alone?
Sometime you think you are gook-locking, charming and cheerful but still single. Let's try to find the answer:
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When you meet a hot girl/boy at the party, you will:
Converse with her by words as sweet as candy, and attach her by your great smile
Look for all way to attract her, including craziest actions
Quietly observing and told yourself: She/he's not my "style".
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When you see something difficulty you often:
Shared with friends, ask them to give advice
omplain, feeling tired
Default, leaving the fate
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Where’d like you to date?
A bar and bonus opportunity to admire the girl’s long legs
A quiet cafe and appropriate to feelings, conversations
of course, it's cinema.
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What is you donated for your lover?
A handmade card to record the memories of your love.
An expensive gift, it’s express your style
A lovely bouquet of flowers and double coat to walk around together.
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Your proverbs love is:
Love is the gift of life
A quietly love.
Love, love again, in love forever
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