Why are you still alone?
Sometime you think you are gook-locking, charming and cheerful but still single. Let's try to find the answer:
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When you meet a hot girl/boy at the party, you will:
Look for all way to attract her, including craziest actions
Quietly observing and told yourself: She/he's not my "style".
Converse with her by words as sweet as candy, and attach her by your great smile
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When you see something difficulty you often:
Default, leaving the fate
omplain, feeling tired
Shared with friends, ask them to give advice
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Where’d like you to date?
A bar and bonus opportunity to admire the girl’s long legs
of course, it's cinema.
A quiet cafe and appropriate to feelings, conversations
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What is you donated for your lover?
A lovely bouquet of flowers and double coat to walk around together.
A handmade card to record the memories of your love.
An expensive gift, it’s express your style
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Your proverbs love is:
A quietly love.
Love, love again, in love forever
Love is the gift of life
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