Who Will You Marry?
Have you ever wondered what type of man you’ll end up with? Take this short quiz to find out!
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Your friends are voting on what to do tonight, what’s your vote?
Go to the movies
Check out that hot, new bar
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Your man is still friends with a few of his exes. How does that make you feel?
A little nervous. You know they broke up for a reason, but why do they still have to hang out?
Don’t care. You know your relationship is great and definitely aren’t worried.
It’s cool, but you prefer that he let you know when he seems them.
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If you were an animal, which option below do you think best suits you?
A lion—social and relaxed.
A wolf—loyal and strong.
A goose—fun-loving and migratory.
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You’re leaving for your honeymoon, where are you headed?
The Bahamas.
Backpacking the Appalachian Trail.
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What kind of books are on your bookshelf?
Fantasy and adventure.
Poetry, romance novels, and the classics.
Mostly informative non-fiction.
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It’s been a stressful week, how do you relax?
Go out to eat with your partner or a few close friends.
Stay in with a hot bath, your favorite book, and your phone turned off.
Go dancing with friends.
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How do you feel about having children?
Someday. When I’ve met the right guy and we’re ready.
I’d rather not. Kids are way too much work.
I can’t wait to be a mom.
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What do you usually drink during the day?
Water. It’s the healthiest choice.
Anything. You’re not picky.
Soda. And if there was a little booze in there, that’d be ok …
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When you’re in a relationship, how much time do you spend with your partner?
We are pretty good at doing our own thing because we like to have our own lives too.
We’re together most of the time.
A lot of time, but we do our own thing too.
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