Who Were You In Your Past Life?
Do you ever wonder who you might have been a previous life? Take our fun quiz and let us guess who you were in your past life!
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If you could go back to an earlier time, which of these would you pick?
Sometime before the Industrial Revolution, it’s only gotten more complicated since then
The 1950s—-sock hops, ice cream dates, and simpler times
The 1980s so I could help with the AIDS crisis
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When you have extra money, are you quick to share it?
I wouldn’t say quick, but I donate to a few charities a year.
Yes, probably too quick, but we’re all in this together.
No, I earned it. I donate, but not too often.
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It’s time to roast a good friend! What’s your take?
Nope, sorry, no roasting for me.
I’m scared, but I’ll get up there and give a quick roast because I love my friend.
I’m excited to roast them and my speech is written … and hilarious.
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Have you ever thrown a tantrum past age nine?
I threw a tantrum yesterday.
Uh, no. That’s not how to behave.
Maybe once, but it was a really bad moment.
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At a large party you have to get on the microphone and ask the guests to sit down for dinner. What happens?
I struggle to quiet the room, but they eventually start moving towards their chairs.
I get their immediate attention and they listen.
Um, I get someone else to do it.
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You totally fall down in public, but hurt nothing but your pride. What do you do?
Look around to see who saw it, put your head down, then walk away quickly.
You’re mortified. Immediately cover your face and run from the scene.
Laugh, get up, and keep moving.
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At the amusement park your group splits up, which group do you end up in?
The biggest one. I just want to be with people!
The smallest one. I need a break from the group.
The one heading for my favorite ride. Duh.
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What’s your take on food?
Eating is one of my favorite parts of life.
I enjoy it, but it’s not a big thing for me.
I eat mostly for sustenance.
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A friend sends you a news article about a HUGE scientific discovery. What do you do?
Feel like you should read it because you should care, but never get around to it.
Ignore it. You leave science to the scientists.
Read it and respond with your thoughts to start a conversation. This is big!
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