Who Makes You Happy?
There are a lot of important people in our lives. But which one really contributes the most to your happiness? Answer 9 quick questions to find out.
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It's Friday night and you want to talk to someone. Who do you call?
My significant other.
My child.
My best friend.
My parents.
My brother or sister.
It's Friday night! I'm not calling anyone. I'm going out to have fun!
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How neat is your coffee table?
People put things on there but never seem to take anything off. I'm not sure you can even see the table anymore.
There's nothing on there. It's spotless. I like to keep things clean.
There are some neat stacks of book but that's about it.
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You wake up on Saturday morning. What's the first thing you do?
Take a shower.
Check my email.
Make breakfast.
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Do you like watching movies by yourself?
I prefer to watch with one other person, maybe two.
No. Where's the fun in that? I like watching with a large group.
It depends on the movie.
Yes. I can pick what to watch, how high to set the volume and no one talks through the movie.
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If you were going to go on a cruise around the world, who would you take with you?
A brother or sister.
My significant other.
A friend. Think of how much fun we could have.
I'd rather go alone. There's probably a lot of interesting people to meet on a cruise.
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Who always gets you the perfect gift?
My spouse.
My parents.
My child.
No one can shop for me as good as I can!
Lots of people give me really wonderful gifts.
My best friend.
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Who did you send your last text to?
A family member.
A friend.
A co-worker.
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What kind of joke makes you laugh the most?
There's nothing like a good pun.
The snarkier the joke the better.
I like my jokes dirty.
I like jokes based on pop culture or recent events.
I will always have a fondness for a good knock knock joke.
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What's your favorite sitcom?
I don't really like sitcoms.
How I Met Your Mother.
The Office
Two and a Half Men.
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