Who is your perfect millionaire match?
Did you ever wonder who is your perfect millionaire match? Take our quiz in which we ask you questions related to your personal preferences to find out your perfect guy.
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Your ideal man would have the best chances of picking you up by using the following pick-up line:
I'm not actually this tall. I'm sitting on my wallet
You wouldn't happen to know where a lonely prince could sheath his sword, would you?
Somebody better call God, because heaven is missing an angel!
Do you know what winks and romps like a tiger? [He winks]
You must be Windows 95 because you gots me so unstable
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What would your ideal man look like?
You think the sexiest part of a guy is his brain!
You love an All-American guy that has an athletic build.
The richer he is, the better looking he is! (In other words, you could care less if he had a comb-over and smirky lips, as long as he has money!)
You have always had a fondness for ginger-haired men
You like a guy that has a dangerous look in his eye and model-perfect hair and features.
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You are most likely to meet your ideal millionaire man:
At a church charity event to help kids in need
At a Polo Match
Walking through a resort -- that he owns
At an Apple Convention as they roll out their newest must-have products
At the hardware store in the aisle that sells duck tape and rope
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What would you and your ideal millionaire man do together for fun?
Let us just say it involves handcuffs, a leather crop and a feather
Have a sexy conversation -- via Skype!
Horseback riding in an English countryside
Hike, run or play a sport together
Take a helicopter tour of all his properties he owns
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How many children do you want?
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Your millionaire man would buy you what kind of car to drive?
Range Rover
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Where do you want to live with your millionaire?
You can see yourself moving around, from Florida to Denver to New York
San Francisco
You have houses everywhere, but mostly reside in New York
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What will be the style of your ideal guy?
He dresses casual in jeans and a t-shirt
He will almost always be in a custom-made suit
A military uniform always gets you hot and bothered
You love the sporty look, such as athletic shorts and a t-shirt
White linen shirts and pants that hang from his hips
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What is the profession of your ideal guy?
Successful entrepreneur
A Prince
A professional athlete
American business mogul
Creator of a successful computer startup
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What can you see as your millionaire man’s personality quirk?
He is cute, but a little nerdy
His huge ego
He is too nice!
Blushes easily
Twitchy palm
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