Who Is Your Ideal Woman?
Are you more drawn to human Barbie dolls or women who are good with babies? Take this quiz to find out who your ideal woman is.
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In a romantic partner, what do you look for first?
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How do you feel about children?
Someday, maybe.
I love them.
I’m not a fan.
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How important is physical fitness in a potential romantic partner to you?
It’s important to be healthy but it’s not a main priority.
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Which of the following is most important to you?
Financial success.
Personal growth.
Sexual satisfaction.
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Choose a pastime.
Working out.
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Choose the adjective that you are most drawn to.
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Do you want your partner to be fashionable?
No I don’t even know what’s fashionable right now and I don’t care.
Appearance is important but it’s not my main priority.
Of course.
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Do you want your partner to be outgoing?
I want her to be sociable.
Absolutely, I need someone who shines in a crowd.
Not really.
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Do you want your partner to have a busy life of her own?
Well, she should have friends, of course, but I want our relationship to be central to her life.
Certainly, as long as our family is a big part of it!
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