Who Is Your Ideal Man?
Are you looking for a life partner or a knight in shining armour? Take this quiz to find out who your ideal man is.
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How do you feel about children?
I like them just fine.
They are the center of my life.
Nannies are great.
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How much does physical fitness matter to you?
I want to see a six pack.
As long as he fits on the couch next to me, I’m good.
It matters. I want him to be able to run and talk at the same time, that kind of thing.
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Which quality is most important to you?
Sex appeal.
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Which of the following is most important to you?
Shared values.
Sexual compatibility.
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Choose a pastime.
Attending a Broadway play.
Watching a foreign film.
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Can money buy happiness?
Of course not.
Maybe it can’t buy happiness but it can buy practically everything else.
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When it comes to your partner, which is most important?
That we can talk for hours.
That he wants to make a difference.
That he’s a great kisser.
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Pick one.
The life of the mind.
An amazing hug.
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Choose one:
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