Who is secretly crushing on you?
Here you can figure out which one of your guy friends has a secret crush on you based on what you like. Have fun!
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What is your personality in 3 words?
Fun,funny once you know me and a bit on the shy side.
Shy,sweet and caring
Strong,amazing and daring.
Helpful, loving,caring.
Smart,book worm and sweet.
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What's your style?
A t shirt with a saying skinny jeans and converse.
Just anything that's comfy simple and pretty basically.
I like to wear black sometimes. but it usually consists of a shirt and shorts.
Probably a sweater and a pair of leggings, i like to be comfortable.
I like to keep things simple a t-shirt and jeans.
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Do you have any guy friends?
Yes i do but i occasionally i talk to them :o
Yes i do they are really funny but one im close to.
Umm no but i do have about a couple of girl friends that im super close to :)
Yes both genders actually like equl!
No not really but one best girl friend i tell everything to :)
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What your perfect dream guy?
Someone always there for me
He has to be close to me someone i could tell everything to.
Someone funny and makes good jokes
Someone amazing and a bit of a nerd.
Someone sweet
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What do you like to do at school?
Be in my phone and learn i guess.
Make everyone smile :)
Be nice to people and help them
Get the Best grades i can get.
Be with my best friends and chat.
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What do you do when you get home from school?
Hmm just go on my phone and go on social media.
Just be me and surf the internet.
Do whatever i feel like doing that day :/
Idk jump on my bed and fall asleep lol
Read, write do something creative.
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What color do you like?
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