Who are you when no one’s looking?
Are you totally yourself when nobody's looking?
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Are you introvert or extrovert person?
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While you and your best friend having an argument, what would you do if you realize you are wrong?
Laugh out loud and say something else
I admit I’m wrong and apologize
I’ll protect my point till the end
Make faces at him/her when she/he is not looking
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What kind of music do you like to listen to when you’re stressed?
I prefer to have silence
Soft, melodious music
Happy, fast music
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What other people think about you is important to you?
Yes, of course
No, what I feel is important to me
Only if those who are important to me
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What’s your biggest internal struggle?
I don’t know
Who I should trust
I don’t really have any personal struggles
Everything – I can be so indecisive
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Who do you want to be?
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How do you judge the people around you?
According to their good or bad reputation
I only judge after I have gotten to know them well enough to make up my mind about them
According to the way they present themselves
According to their behavior with me and others
According to their appearances
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When your crush comes to your home suddenly and your room is mess, what would you do?
Talking to him/her in the living room
Asking her/him to take a walk and talk
Tell him/her wait a moment and kick all the stuff on the floor under the bed
My room is always mess like this. He/she knows that
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