Who are you in the past life?
Do you know who were you, what did you do, where are you in the past life?
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If you have a lot of money like Bill Gates, which style life do you want to live?
I’ll travel all over the world.
Have to make my dream (make film or design game) come true.
Just do art without thinking
I’ll invest in project that I have being wanted to do.
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Which of these do you want to join in?
Film club
Rock band
Skating club
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Have you ever cried when you watched sad movies?
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If you can choose only one of these cities for your vacation, which one do you choose?
The Firenze city – the city of ancient art
A villa at the mountain in peace Switzerland
A modern city like New York
The scenery and dynamic culture
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You gather together your friends after a long time. If your friends suggest going to a new place instead of the place you guys used to go, you …
It’s bored of coming to the same place. That’s ideal is good.
I’m easy!
I am the one who suggest that.
It’s rare to have a meet. I don’t want to get risk. Let’s come to somewhere that we used to come.
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