Who are you in the past life?
Do you know who were you, what did you do, where are you in the past life?
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If you have a lot of money like Bill Gates, which style life do you want to live?
I’ll invest in project that I have being wanted to do.
I’ll travel all over the world.
Have to make my dream (make film or design game) come true.
Just do art without thinking
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Which of these do you want to join in?
Skating club
Film club
Rock band
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Have you ever cried when you watched sad movies?
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If you can choose only one of these cities for your vacation, which one do you choose?
The scenery and dynamic culture
A villa at the mountain in peace Switzerland
A modern city like New York
The Firenze city – the city of ancient art
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You gather together your friends after a long time. If your friends suggest going to a new place instead of the place you guys used to go, you …
I am the one who suggest that.
It’s bored of coming to the same place. That’s ideal is good.
I’m easy!
It’s rare to have a meet. I don’t want to get risk. Let’s come to somewhere that we used to come.
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