Who are you in the afterlife?
Take simple quiz to find out who are you after you die!
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In the work world, I tend to be…
Helpful and good at assisting and supporting
Asking for new projects and challenges.
Competitive, ambitious.
Glad to be invisible and just bide my time.
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When it comes to shopping sprees, I tend to…
Talk myself out of everything.
Buy now, worry later.
Get one novel thing that catches my eye at the moment.
Buy things for people I love.
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When I’m mad at someone, I tend to…
Yell, confront them face-on
Walk away
I ignore it, it's not worth the fight
Make excuses for their behavior and forgive
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When it comes to parties, I…
Party hard, have a blast, just tear the place apart
Stay sober, help the drunks, designated driver
Prefer to be the host and plan it
I love going to fun themed ones
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which word best describes you?
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You are walking in the street. A thief snatch your bag and run away. You...
Feel sad and don't know to talk to your family.
Swearing and run after him.
Do nothing . Pity him! You thought.
Report to police.
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If your little sister ask you to play with her but you' re busy. You...
Of course! Play with her immediately!
You promise to play later.
Ignoring and Continue with your business.
Put off your business and play with her.
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