Who are you in school?
What stereotype are you in school, well take
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What is yo favorite kind of colors?
Hot pink, Moody purple, any color that is kewl!!
Baby blue, Red orange
Black and white..
Super bright pink!! oh and don't forget the most other pinkest of colors! ;)
Idk.. -.- orange.
Blood red, Black, Midnight blue..
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What music do you listen to? (with a song)
Popular/ new music (Katy parry/Meghan trainor.. ect)
Metal/ hard rock/punk (asking alexanderia)
Rock/punk music (pierce the veil)
Punk/Glam (panic on the disco)
Old stye/ Still hip (Tomboy)
Slow/ old jazzy (the beatles)
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What do you like to do in school?
Walk around and show people my new outfit!! omg so perf!!
Play on the computer with a few friends or work on studying the test we have in two weeks
Being fun and doing my won thing.
Awe, you know chill with the guys and listen to music. simple
Writing poetry and listening to music with sum friends.
You know the ush, just listening to music an doin my own thing with my group
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What do you think of yourself as?
Nerd!! I love smarticls
Emo.. ig
Gothic... or whatever ig
Prep! im Queen bee
Scene totally!!!!! hellz yah
Tomboy!! no drama bruh
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What grades do you have?
F, D
F--, F+
A+++, A++
B, C
A, B
C, D
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