Who Are You At The Beach?
Answer our questions to find out who you are at the beach!
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What's the one thing you won't forget on your way to the beach?
A floaty toy
Sunblock and water
Suntan oil
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What's your swim suit?
Cut off jeans
A swimsuit or trunks and a cover up
Whatever I've got around
Board shorts
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When you plan a beach day, how long do you plan to stay out there?
As long as possible till everyone says it's time to go
Go early, leave before the hottest part of the day so I don't get harmful sun rays
Til the sunset
All day
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What's the most appealing thing about a day at the beach?
Swimming and enjoying the vast expanse of sea
Checking out cuties
Playing in the sand
Getting a good tan
Chilling with friends and having some drinks
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Your ideal beach spot is:
A secluded beach with clean sands and no trash
At a tourist beach with great people watching and lifeguards
I don't care! A beach is a beach!
A somewhat secret spot with lots of people my age
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What's the campsite rule?
Have fun no matter what
Leave it better than you found it
Everything at a campsite can be used as exercise equipment
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How often do you reapply sunblock?
After I get in the water
I don't, I use suntan oil to get a darker tan!
Only right when I get to the beach
Every hour, say no to skin cancer!
If someone pressures me to
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What's your music set up at the beach?
Just a guitar and my voice
Speakers booming electronic dance music
A small radio just for my group, most people probably don't want to hear music out there
I don't care
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Choose a beach game:
Take a shot every time you see someone putting on sunblock
Who can do the most pushups?
Write a song with my friends
I'd rather lay around!
Building Sandcastle
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A perfect beach lunch would include:
A PB and J sandwich
A beer and chips
A protein shake
Fruit and wine
A salad and water
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If you could live in one of these coastal states which would it be?
New York
New Jersey
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What are you scared of at the beach?
Awkward tan lines
Finding a beached whale
Pulling a muscle
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