Which 3 Words Best Describe You?
Take this quiz to find out which three words describe you!
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Choose a color:
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How many pairs of shoes do you own?
15 or more
3, one for work, one for going out, one for exercising
6, with a pair in case one wears out or gets damaged
At least 10
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What kind of student were/are you?
As and Bs, but my focus was on getting to know my peers
I did my best, the actual grades don't matter!
Hmm, B-average and well-liked by my teachers
All As, never missed a deadline
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What's most important to you?
Efficiency and routine
A best friend
A talent
A good relationship
A good job
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What city would you most like to live in?
Los Angeles
New York
My hometown
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What kind of car do you drive?
A Honda 4-door
A pick-up truck
A bicycle
A Jeep
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You find $50 dollars in the park, what do you do?
Figure that cash isn't usually found, so it's as good as yours, and head out to eat.
Look around to see if anyone is checking their wallets or searching.
Give it to a friend who you know is having money problems.
Give it to a homeless person.
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You are going to pursue a degree at a top university. What do you study?
Conflict Resolution
Political Science
Computer Science
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There is a flood warning and you're stuck inside with no power. How do you pass the time?
Making sure your family and friends have everything they need
Making lists of all I need to do
Taking photos of the weather through the windows
Drawing or reading
Sealing up all the windows
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hat is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Call my parents or BFF
Drink a glass of water
Walk the dog
Look at my phone
Make a list of the day's tasks
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