Which Wild North American Animal are You?
Answer our 9 questions to find out which wild North American animal you are!
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Which of the following regions do you prefer?
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Which relationship model do you prefer?
Casual dating, nothing too serious!
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What time of day are you most active and awake?
I'm mainly up and about at night.
I like to be active during the day, sometimes into the evening.
At dawn and dusk I start to come alive.
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What is your social life like?
A few close friends and we keep in touch but don't spend a ton of time together.
I'm solitary .
A solid group of friends and we spend a lot of time together.
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What is one word that describes you well?
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You are in public and a fight breaks out right next to you. What is your reaction?
Get worked up and try to fight the guy who threw the first punch.
You only get angry if they get in your space.
Leave immediately, as fast as I can.
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What is your special skill?
I'm am strong and fit
I'm a very fast runner
I have a great sense of balance
Excellent sense of direction
I can sleep through anything
Industrious and efficient
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What is your diet like?
As much meat as possible! I am definitely a carnivore
Strict vegetarian
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What is your favorite place to camp?
In high rocky cliffs with a view.
An open valley with a huge horizon.
Thick forests with dense vegetation for exploring.
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