Which type of seducer are you?
According to Robert Greene's book The art of seduction", which type of seducer are you?
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If you really are into someone, what's a good first date to go on?
It doesn't matter so much, as long as your date chooses the venue - and does the inviting
A coffee date with lots of conversation and joking
A romantic dinner for two in a secluded restaurant
A hot bar or club, where you can dress and dance suggestively
A zoo or amusement part for tons of fun
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You are successfully seducing someone if you make them think:
"I feel so happy and free"
"I am being swept off my feet"
"I want this person... but do they want me?"
"I feel so special and important"
"I feel so womanly / manly"
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If someone doesn't like you, it's usually because:
They resent how quickly people grow close to you
They think you are too "in your face" with your sexuality
They think you are less innocent than you seem
They think you are stuck up or snobby
They think you are too manipulative
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Your favorite romantic movie is:
A walk to remember
The Last Seduction
Runaway Bride
The notebook
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Your best talent is:
Getting what you want from people, without them knowing it
Tapping into people's emotional needs and making them feel cared for
Loving every moment and enjoying the little things
Making other people feel attractive and sexy
Making yourself seem larger than life and special
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How do you seduce with body language?
Cross your legs
Touch your face
Play with your hair
Tilt your head
Learn forward
Make eyes contact
Lean back
Straight back, chest out
Brush against them
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