Which Strange Fairy Tale Couple are you The Child Of?
Just a quiz to see which odd fairy tale couple you'd be the child of. Hope you like it!
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Welcome to my quiz dear fairy tale spawn! So, would you mind telling me a little about your parents?
My mom is very imaginative and curious and my dad is very quirky and encourages her a lot. They're very fun loving & silly.
My mom is a little unfocused and loses track of time, but thankfully, my dad helps keep her in check, being the mature, strong person he is. They're both fiercely protective of me.
My mom is very serious and clever and smart, she likes doing things her way. On the other hand, my dad is a little flighty and immature sometimes, but they balance each other out
My mom is headstrong and stubborn, but very sweet and kind. My dad is a little eccentric and a little bossy at times, but my mom is the real boss.
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What's your favorite color, dear child?
Green & black for me please!
I like red & grey
GLITTER Uhm... That's not a color IDGAF
I like blue & purple
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Choose a quote.
"Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?"
"Everything I've done, I've done for you. I move the stars for no one."
"Somehow I've fallen under your spell, and I can't help feeling, it's up that I fell"
"Hello my darling. I've brought you a flower..."
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So, what pet did your parents get you?
I have a sheepdog and a few chickens.
I have a monkey, but he's not really a pet technically. We're friends more like it.
A little wolf cub.
Uh... I have this really big dog creature & a cat.
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It's your birthday, what do your parents get you?
A cute top hat & a sword
A crystal. And if I turn it a certain way, it shows me my dreams, and a story book
A bow and arrow and a cute basket shaped purse
A spellbook that was very dear to my mother and a broom
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