Which Shrek Character Are You?
Are you a real princess? Or are you more of an ogre? Take this short quiz to find out which character you are from the popular movie!
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Are you easily frightened?
Of course not!
AHH! Oh, it's just you.
No more than the next guy.
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Which adjective best describes you?
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How would you try to get out of a sticky situation?
I'd run!
I'd try to charm my way out of it.
I'd fight.
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Are you gassy?
Not really.
No. I'm sugary.
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Which food do you most identify with?
An onion.
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If you could have any accent you wanted, which would you choose?
A Scottish accent.
No accent, thanks.
A French accent.
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How tall are you?
Six feet or over.
I am shorter than most people.
I'm of average height.
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How would your significant other describe you?
As an 'ugly, hideous creature.'
As a 'fire-breathin' pain in the neck.'
As 'beautiful.'
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Choose your headgear.
A wide-brimmed hat.
A pair of big ears.
A tiara.
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