Which Shakespeare character are you?
You are a person who desires the love or power. Take this quiz to know.
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What is your view on love?
It can change the world
I'd spill blood for it
I can't find anyone to love
It is the greatest emotion
I'm drunk on it
It is the greatest emotion
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How good at fighting are you?
I lead an army
I can give a rough intellectual fight
I'd fight for my family
I have been brought up around war
I get angry but don't fight
My sword is my best friend
You don't wanna mess with me
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Can you handle rejection?
I brush it off with ease
Not a problem for me
I can't bear it
Who would reject me?
Yes, water off a duck's back
Sometimes I can
Not at all, it saddens me
I am rejected by the ones I love all the time
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What kind of outlook do you have on life?
Not good, I'm living a lie
You win some, you lose some
I look forward to seeing people and doing new things
It depends what day it is
Extremely positive
Negative, my life is a mess
Upbeat, nothing can stop you
I look forward to the sunrise each morning
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What is your greatest desire?
To be clever and wise
To find a partner before I'm too old
To always be close to the ones I love
To slay my enemies
To get married
To be at peace with myself
To make my family proud of me
For life to get just a little easier for me
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Do you believe in fate?
Some people are designed to be miserable
As sure as the day is long
I hope it's real, but I'm not sure
I choose my own destiny every day
You make your own life
There's a little magic in everything
I think some things are destined, others not
It's in the stars
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How do you win the love of your life?
Disguise your sex
I only love myself
Conquer a country
Use your charm
Kill their lover
Get them drunk
Kidnap them
Make them laugh
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What will you die for?
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