Which Sea Creature Are You?
Answer our 9 questions to find out which sea creature you are!
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You find what you think is a great swimming spot, but you see there's a No Swimming sign posted. What do you do?
Call your friends up because this is definitely going to be a swim day!
Have a private swim to yourself
Splash around on shore, swim out for a minute but come back to the shore right away
Leave because it's not worth getting in trouble over
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Choose which description most accurately describes your family
Pretty small family and we only visit occasionally
A big family and we spend a lot of time together
Big family but we aren't very close
Small but close family
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When you have free time, do you enjoy spending it with others or going solo?
I'm somewhere in the middle
I prefer to be with people
I like to do things alone
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What is your least favorite trait in people?
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You're walking down the street and see a girl crying against a wall. What is your first thought?
Everyone has bad days, she should take it elsewhere
Feel a little bad, but pretend not to see her. You probably wouldn't want to be seen if you were feeling like that
Offer her a tissue and see if she needs help
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What is your favorite weather?
I like seasons, so a little bit of everything
All sun all the time
I like darker, cooler weather, so rainy days are my favorite
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What is your favorite water sport?
Jet skiing or inter-tubing
Deep sea diving! There's so much to see down there
Just some simple sunbathing and splashing around, nothing too adventurous
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You get assigned a group project in class. What role do you take?
Pick the most interesting sounding job. You enjoy thinking about the work but don't finish it in time
Begin to delegate tasks and make a master plan. You only trust yourself when it comes to getting the work done
Sit back and let other people take the tasks they want, you will do whatever no one else wants to
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You are in a building on your university campus when you stumble upon an unlocked room full of interesting, unfamiliar equipment. What do you do?
Tell building security that it could be dangerous to leave that door unlocked
Peek around, grab some loose supplies and keep them, no one will notice them missing
Immediately enter and begin to explore everything! You pay tuition here, you should get to have a bit of fun
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