Which 80s Movie Are You?
Back to the Future, Raiders, Stand by Me. Which movie from the 1980s best represents your personality?
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If you could pick one of the following, which would it be?
A day off, whenever I want one, no questions asked.
The ability to time travel.
The chance to go into outer space.
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A famous actor is taking you to your prom. Who is it?
Daniel Radcliffe.
Zac Efron.
Robert Pattinson.
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You're staying in tonight and listening to music. What will it be?
Willie Nelson.
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The last time you were sick, what was wrong with you?
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What's your favourite holiday?
July 4th.
Valentine's Day.
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You're in back in high school. You're in trouble. Why?
For fighting with another kid.
For skipping class.
For talking too much.
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When you've got a half hour break, what do you do?
Go for a brisk walk.
Go for a drive.
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It's 8 a.m. Saturday morning. What are you doing?
Just coming home from the night before.
Cooking up bacon and eggs for my family.
Going for a run.
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You never have to do one chore again. Which one is it?
Taking out the garbage.
Doing the dishes.
Cleaning the bathroom.
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