Which Planet Are You From?
The planets of the solar system. Even though they all exist in the same galaxy and orbit the same sun, they’re all so fundamentally different from each other. Just like people! If you were a planet, which planet would you be? Take this quiz and find out!
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What’s your industry?
None of the above
Travel and Transportation
Biology, agriculture, or nature
The Armed Forces
Fishing, Sailing, or something that has to do do with the ocean
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Which of the following colors is your favorite?
Light Blue
Dark Blue
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Pick the number that looks the most appealing to you
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Which of the following best describes you?
Above-average in height, but not usually the tallest person in the room
I’m really, really short
I’m pretty average in height, if a bit on the short side
Large and in-charge
I’m average in height
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Do you like to wear jewelry?
Are you kidding? I don’t leave the house unless I’m absolutely glittering
No, I never wear jewelry
Yes, I wear a modest amount of jewelry everyday
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Do you exercise?
Yep! Five or six days a week
Yes, sometimes
I practically live at the gym. I work out at least twice everyday
No. I’m a couch potato
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There’s a big party that everyone you know has been invited to. It’s the event of the year! How late do you arrive?
I don’t want to be one of the first people there, but I don’t want to be rude, either. I get there about 15 minutes late
I get there at least four hours late-which is right when the party is in full swing
Late? Oh, no, no, no! I’m always at least 10 minutes early to everything I’m invited to
I’m a really busy person, so I probably won’t get there until at least six hours into the party, if I can make it at all!
I get there about an hour late. I’ve got to make an entrance, you know
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How long does it take you to get over things?
Very quickly! I don’t hold grudges at all
It takes me a few days or so
I hold long grudges that can last years
I don’t get over anything. Cross me once, and you’ve lost me forever
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Which of the following sounds like a great place to go on vacation?
Southern California—not too hot, not too cold. Perfect weather, all year round
Cancun, or Jamaica. Somewhere hot and tropical!
A picturesque, quaint little town in Spain or France sounds like the perfect vacation for me!
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