Which Natural Disaster Is Your Temper Like?
Which natural disaster could your temper be mistaken for?
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When a waiter gives you terrible service, what do you do?
I won't tip them.
Complain to the waiter.
Ask to see the manager.
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When you were little, did you ever get in trouble at school for fighting?
No. I never fought.
No, but that's only because I never got caught.
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What is your favorite sport?
Ice Skating.
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Do you like practical jokes?
Only when they're not directed at me.
Yes! Of course! As long as they're meant in good fun.
No, I really don't.
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You're standing in a really long line when someone cuts in front of you, what do you do?
Inwardly seethe.
Confront them and tell them to get to the back of the line.
Tell someone who works there.
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Do you like debating politics with friends?
It depends on the friend.
No. That's a terrible idea.
Yes, it's lots of fun!
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What do you do to cool off after an argument?
Go shopping.
Take a long, hot bath.
Watch a movie.
Talk the whole thing over with a good friend.
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When was the last time you got angry at someone?
I can't remember.
Last week.
Last month.
Last year.
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When something someone did is bothering you, what do you do about it?
Talk to someone else about it and see what they think.
Confront them.
Try and move past it.
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