Which Michael Jackson Song Are You?
Do you love Michael Jackson's tunes? Take this quiz to find out which one best describes you.
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Do you like making plans?
I make plans but I don't always keep them.
No. I like to live in the moment.
Yes. I'm definitely a planner.
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If you could go to see any singer in concert, who would it be?
Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga
Miley Cyrus
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If you had the power to turn invisible, what would you do with it?
Play pranks on my friends.
Who wants to be invisible? I already have enough fun!
Fight crime.
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Did you join a lot of teams in high school?
Yes, as many as I could.
No, but I did a lot of activities outside of school.
No. I was more of a lone wolf.
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What extinct animal would you like to meet?
The woolly mammoth. I love all that fur.
A dinosaur! A scary one.
The dodo bird. They look so cute.
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When someone tells you a secret, what do you do?
Only tell it to someone I trust, someone I know won't say anything.
Ask the person not to tell me in the first place. I hate keeping secrets.
Tell lots of people.
Keep it. I won't tell it to another soul.
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What is your favorite holiday?
Valentine's Day.
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Which capital city would you like to visit?
Washington DC.
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What do you feel the most comfortable wearing?
A cozy sweater
Something that makes me stand out.
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