Which Marvel Villain Are You?
Which evil villain from marvel are you? Strong or weak? Find out!
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Every villain needs a Hide-out, where's yours?
NoWhere & AnyWhere
A Castle
Abandoned Building
Among the Cosmos
Never in one spot for long.
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Before you were a Villain, you had a childhood. How did your's go?
Alone on a quest for Vengeance
Patriotic Family
Chaotic Child
The Outcast
Always on the run
Parents didn't notice you.
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Is your big plan ultimately for the greater good?
Well of course I think so.
Not really, no.
I don't really have a big plan.
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What do you hate the most?
Stupid people.
People who don't appreciate my sense of humor.
Nothing! I love life!
Unloyal people
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Which Word Best Describes You?
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Which of these is your favorite color combination?
Green and gray
Red and Black.
Black and white
Solid brown
Solid blue
Solid red
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When someone gets in your way, do you...
. I yell "Out of the way!" and if they don't move, i don't care at all.
Kill them, simple.
Make a deal in your favor.
Teleport them to the sky and drop them to die
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