Which Leonardo DiCaprio Character Is Your Soul mate?
Leonardo DiCaprio has enjoyed a long and varied career as a movie star, undoubtedly due to his dazzling on-screen presence and incredible acting abilities. But which character really spoke to your soul? Which Leonardo DiCaprio character is your soul mate? Take this quiz to find out!
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Your soul mate is taking you out for a date. Where are you going?
Somewhere quiet and isolated, where no one will see you.
To his house, to close yourselves up in his home theater to watch movies and tune out the rest of the world.
To a hole-in-the-wall restaurant known and frequented by serious hipsters.
To drink in a raucous, rowdy bar with cheerfully drunk people that sing and dance.
Anywhere! He knows his way around all the best restaurants in town, the movie theaters, the dance halls, the museums, the charity auctions… he’s kind of an expert when it comes to getting VIP treatment everywhere he goes.
The fanciest 5-star restaurant in town known for catering to the super-wealthy.
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Of the following options, which hair description sounds the most attractive to you?
Wet, surfer-boy hair with sun-kissed blonde highlights
Changeable hair, worn in constantly different hairstyles depending on the occasion.
Dark, short hair that’s perfectly gelled into place.
Blonde, straight hair that falls gracefully below the ears.
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And what about facial hair?
A little stubble is fine, if we haven’t left the house for a while.
None for me! I like my men clean-shaven at all times.
I like men who are seemingly incapable of growing beards.
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What’s your favorite pastime?
Hanging out with my friends.
I have so many pastimes, it’s hard to choose just one.
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Which of these is your favorite kind of movie?
Movies based on a true story.
Movie adaptations of bestselling books.
Romantic dramas.
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Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
No, never. Not even close!
Oh, yeah—I’ve been locked up before.
I am constantly breaking the law, but never get caught.
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Do you believe in love at first sight?
Oh, yes! Of course I do!
No. Believing in love at first sight is for morons.
I don’t know. I’ve been in countless relationship, and never once was it love at first sight.
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What’s your drink?
I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.
I like wine or the occasional cocktail.
I’ll drink anything, but to be honest, I’m truly into harder stuff.
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What’s your idea of a dream vacation?
Somewhere very close to home. I don’t like to travel far.
A first-class, expensive vacation to Switzerland, Monaco or Dubai.
The beach! I can’t wait to smell that ocean air, sink my feet into the sand and let the crashing waves lull me to sleep at night.
A private, romantic little bed and breakfast.
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