Which Instagram Filter Best Fits Your Personality?
A filter can make or break a photo, what's your favorite?
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Who makes the best dinner party guest?
Friends and family.
Anyone who's nice!
A great conversationalist.
The Dark Lord himself.
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What makes the best photograph?
Anything with the people I love!
Excellent composition and perfect lighting.
A classic, old-timey feeling.
One of me, looking distant and serious.
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What time period would you most like to live in?
Send me back to the dark ages please.
I've always wanted to experience the renaissance of art and science.
I'm dying to see what the future is like!
I'm a sucker for the good old days.
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You planned a party for your friend but basically everything has gone wrong! You:
Do your best to fix things and salvage the evening.
I'm not really the party-planning type.
Scrap the whole thing and take everyone to the nearest bar.
Roll with the punches, it will make for a good story later!
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Where is the best place to take a selfie?
At that hip, new restaurant
Anywhere but the dinner table.
Nowhere, never.
With a beautiful beach in the background.
Anywhere! There's a filter for that!
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What is your favorite time of day?
Morning, I love waking up and planning my day!
Sunset, it's always the most beautiful time.
Dinner time, being with family is what matters most.
Anytime I'm alone.
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When planning a big vacation, you:
Buy a guide book and figure out some loose plans.
Make a spreadsheet covering every detail of the trip.
Rely on someone else to do the planning.
Book a plane ticket and hope for the best!
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What is your favorite kind of party to go to?
I loathe going to parties.
A casual affair with good food and friends.
Any kind of party! I just like parties.
A swanky, cultural affair with fine wines and hors d'oeuvres.
Anything with interesting people and good conversation.
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What is the best thing to be doing in a picture?
Anything, I always take a good photo.
Jumping pictures are the best!
Smiling, of course.
Looking deep and contemplative.
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