Which Holiday Matches Your Personality?
Tis the season to find out which holiday you have the most in common with. So deck the halls and answer these questions!
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What time of the year do you start listening to Christmas music?
After Thanksgiving.
Any time in November.
I'm not a fan of Christmas music.
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How do you usually spend Thanksgiving?
At someone else's house.
At my own house. I like throwing a Thanksgiving party for my friends and family.
Going out on the town.
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If you could ring in the new year anywhere in the world, where would it be?
With my friends and family.
I'd like to be in Times Square, watching the ball drop.
Mexico City. They have an amazing New Year's Eve party.
Sydney, Australia. I want to watch the fireworks at Sydney Harbour.
In Paris!
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When you were little, what did you do for Halloween costumes?
We rented costumes.
My parents used to make them.
We usually bought costumes.
I made them myself. They weren't fancy but they were lots of fun to create.
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Where would you rather swim?
In the ocean.
In a swimming pool.
In a lake.
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What's your favorite Pixar film?
I prefer Disney animation films.
Toy Story.
Monsters, Inc.
Finding Nemo.
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If you had to buy a present for someone you barely knew, what would you do?
Just ask them what they might want.
Check out their social media accounts to find out what they're interested in.
Just find a really nice gift, even if it's something they might not particularly want. It's the thought that counts.
Ask some of their friends.
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What's your traditional Christmas dinner?
It just depends what people are in the mood for.
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What's your favorite part of Easter?
Easter church service.
Easter dinner.
The Easter bunny.
Decorating the eggs.
The Easter baskets.
The egg hunt.
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