Which Hogwarts house would you belong to?
Find out which Hogwarts house you would belong to by taking this quiz.
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What are your favorite colors?
Bronze and blue
Gold and scarlet
Canary yellow and black
Green and silver
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What's your favorite accessory?
Jackie-O oversized sunglasses
Statement necklace
Skinny, leather belt
Metallic nail polish
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What do you do when you have been betrayed by a friend?
Surprised. You don't talk for a couple days but then eventually work it out
Furious. You concoct a spell to make her pay what she did to you...forever
Bitter. You show her up on the next exam to prove you're smarter
Hurt. You work it out over a game of Quidditch, but regardless of who wins you end up getting over it.
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What do you do of a Saturday night ?
Inside studying or reading
Out at an exclusive club
Having a girls night
Having a small get together with close friends
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What do you often do before going to bed?
Look out the window into the night sky
Read to calm your mind
Like to make yourself a bedtime snack
Hole up in a dark, cool place to unwind
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What frightens you the most?
The Dark
Poisonous Animals
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Do you want to become a Prefect?
Of course! Maybe then I'll get access to the hidden parts of Hogwarts.
Nah, prefects are lame.
Of course! Think of how I can help mentor people.
Nah, I'm good just being part of the group.
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