Which Hair Color Suits You Best?
9 simple questions to find out which hair color best fits your personality. It may surprise you a lot :).
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You just got your paycheck, and see a gorgeous dress in a shop window on the way home. What is your reaction?
Run in and buy it right away!
Go into the store and look around. Maybe buy the dress, maybe not.
Keep going. You already have a careful plan for this paycheck.
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It is the night before you give an important presentation at a meeting. What are you doing?
Freaking out.
You forgot all about it.
Calmly making sure everything is in order.
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Is the glass half full or half empty?
That's a stupid question.
Half full.
Half empty.
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Which would you rather do?
Read a book.
Go shopping.
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Which do you look for first when buying a car?
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Where would you rather live?
In the mountains.
On the beach.
In the middle of a historic city.
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If you could go back in time, where would you go?
The Wild West.
I like the present just fine, thanks.
The Renessaince.
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Which would you rather repeat?
Last night.
High School.
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Which instrument would you rather play?
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