Which hair color fits your personality?
Is there a connection between your hair color and your personality? We think so! Take this quiz and find out what color best suits you. If it's not the color Mother Nature gave you, go out and get it!
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What do you see as your best quality?
I am enthusiastic and full of energy.
I am surrounded in mystery. You never know what's coming.
I am the most responsible person I know.
My stunning good looks.
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What was your favorite subject in school?
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Have you ever tried a crazy hair color?
Maybe on Halloween.
Nothing qualifies as crazy in my book!
When the mood strikes.
No, I'm a far cry from crazy.
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What would you like to change about yourself?
I need to be the center of attention.
I have a bit of a temper.
I keep a lot of secrets.
I tend to follow the crowd.
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Look around your home. What's your color scheme?
It's dark in here!
Mostly light and airy colors.
I'm surrounded by bold, bright colors.
Neutral. Everything is a shade of brown.
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What's your favorite kind of cake?
Confetti cake is so much fun!
Chocolate fudge, yum!
No cake for me -- too many calories!
White cake with white icing.
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How do you spend your days off?
Whatever trouble I can get into!
Sleep. All day.
I sleep an extra hour, then hit my to-do list.
Three words: Shopping, shopping, shopping!
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Do you color your own hair?
My stylist does it, but I touch it up.
No way! Only professionals touch my hair.
Absolutely! I mix all of my own colors.
Do you color your own hair?
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What one word best describes your style?
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