Which Georgia City Is Best For You?
Is Georgia on your mind? Where should you live?
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Your best friend comes over to tell you she's pregnant. What do you do?
Buy her a few nice baby gifts, and then go about your business
Immediately offer to throw her a big, fancy shower
Give her a hug and a quiet congratulations
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How do you take your coffee?
Dressed up with lots of flavored creams and lots of sugar
Coffee? Ew
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If you could study anything with no concerns about a job, what would you choose?
Theater or Music'something fun and beautiful
History or literature'something elegant and old
None of the above
Engineering or agriculture'something practical
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Do you exercise regularly?
Exercise? Are you joking?
Most of the exercise I do is part of my job'I have an active job
Occasionally'it can be relaxing to hit the treadmill after a long day of work
Absolutely! I love the rush of working out
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You're meeting your significant other's parents for the first time, and it's Thanksgiving. What do you bring?
A bag of tasty things from your local produce stand and some homemade candles
A bottle of wine and a smile
None of the above
A delicious (and super hard-to-bake) dessert that is an old family recipe
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What's your favorite kind of cheese?
Plain old cheddar'tasty and comfortable
Something elegant and unique, like a garlic and rosemary cream cheese
I don't like cheese
Something spicy and fun, like Monterrey jack
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Your friend invites you to attend the Super Bowl with a free ticket! What do you say?
No, thanks'your favorite part of the Super Bowl is the commercials
No way'all that noise and all those people?! Who needs it?
Absolutely! Wouldn't miss it!
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How would you like to celebrate your anniversary?
Quietly at our favorite restaurant
A big night out on the town
A little weekend getaway, somewhere fun and peaceful
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What kind of festival would you be most likely to attend?
A wild, fun festival like Oktoberfest or Woodstock
An agricultural festival like the Dogwood Festival
None of the above
A science festival or cultural arts festival
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