Which Flower Matches Your Personality?
Each flower is special in it's own way.
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What term of endearment do you use for your significant other?
Something else
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You go to a party only to discover someone else is wearing your exact same outfit. How do you feel?
Awkward at first but I soon get over it.
Nothing special. It's no big deal.
I find it funny and make a joke about it.
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What do you tend to worry about the most?
The people I care about.
The state of the world.
I'm not really a worrier. Worry doesn't accomplish anything.
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You're attracted to your friend's sibling. What do you do about it?
Talk to my friend and see if they'll set us up.
Flirt a little and see if the sibling appears to be interested.
Ask the sibling out immediately.
Ignore it. I don't want to put my friendship in danger.
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Do you prefer a waiter who is very chatty and recommends their favorite dishes? Or do you prefer a waiter who just serves you and then leaves you alone?
I like to get to know my waiter. It's always nice to interact with new people.
It depends on my mood.
I prefer a waiter who just takes my order and then leaves me alone. I don't really want to get to know someone I will never see again.
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Do you ever keep secrets from your significant other?
Yes. Sometimes you have to keep secrets in order to avoid hurting someone.
I've never kept a secret from a significant other, but I would be willing to keep one if I thought it was necessary.
No. I believe in complete and total honesty.
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Do you easily identify with characters in fiction?
Yes. I often find characters I feel are a lot like me.
No. I've never found one that I felt was really like me.
There are one or two that I can identify with.
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You believe that people are:
Both good and bad. We all make mistakes and we all do good things. It mostly evens out in the end.
Mostly bad.
Mostly good.
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Which do you prefer?
A full moon.
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In high school, you were a:
The popular kid. I stood out.
Joiner. I liked to be a part of things and be on a team.
A loner. I didn't really like high school.
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If you were offered an all expense paid trip to do anything in the world, what would it be?
I'd go spend a week in New York, seeing Broadway shows every night!
I'd go on a cruise around the world.
Sign me up for the first tourist trip into space!
I'd go deep sea diving in the Bahamas!
I would climb Mount Everest.
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Which skill used in the Middle Ages, do you think it would be the most interesting to learn now?
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Do you often dream at night?
I dream occasionally.
No. I never remember my dreams.
Yes. I dream practically every night.
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How much work do you put into your hair?
Almost none at all. I pretty much wash, brush and then that leave it alone.
A lot. I use a lot of products on it and go to the hair dresser regularly. I like to spend time on looking my best.
I go to the hair dresser fairly regularly but don't spend too much time on it myself unless I'm playing around with new hairstyles.
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Where do you like to sit on an airplane?
Aisle seat
Window seat
Middle seat
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What is your favorite breakfast food?
Strawberry crepes
Biscuits and gravy
French toast
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You make friendships...
Slowly. But they last a lifetime.
Whenever I can! I always love to add to my friends list!
Quickly. But they don't always stick.
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Do you like keeping up with celebrity gossip?
Yes. Ask me about anyone! I always know who is dating who and which stars are breaking up.
No. I find all that tedious.
I only keep tabs on my favorite celebrities.
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You have the house to yourself for the weekend. What do you do with it?
Throw a party!
Sleep in, don't do any housework, order delivery and read a good book.
Invite some friends over for a nice dinner and a movie.
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Which meal would you rather go to a restaurant for?
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Did teachers normally like you in school?
Yes. I was often their favorite! I worked hard and loved to learn.
They didn't dislike me but they didn't particularly like me either. I was generally under their radar.
No, but there was one teacher who I got along with really well.
No. I was always a rebel!
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