Which Famous Rock Band Should You Join?
Answer our 9 questions to find out!
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What style of shoes do you wear?
Doc Martens
Converse all the time
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What city would you love to live in?
Los Angeles
New York City
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When you were a kid what you were you most likely to get in trouble for doing?
Failing my classes
Practical jokes
I wasn’t much of a trouble maker - at least I never got caught
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Choose your favorite line:
Don't have brain damage/I'm not a wild savage/Don't punch me around/Don't bring my head down
My mother was of the sky/My father was of the earth/But I am of the universe/And you know what it's worth
I'm worse at what I do best/And for this gift I feel blessed
I keep looking for a place to fit/Where I can speak my mind/I've been trying hard to find the people/That I won't leave behind
My head is empty/Yet every word I say turns out a sentence/Make love to a stranger/Just asking for directions/Turn from being help to being questions
I'm somethin' different, ain't like the rest/How does it feel to find out you're failin' your test
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What era would you most like to live in?
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Pick one of the following you'd like to have:
Long hair
A surfboard
An accent
A glam wardrobe
A guitar
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Which of the following books would you most like to read?
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes
Tarantula by Bob Dylan
Naked Lunch by William Burroughs
The Tibetan Book of the Dead
The Avengers Comic Books
Mad Magazine
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Which of the following TV shows has the best soundtrack in your opinion?
Mad Men
Freaks and Geeks
Six Feet Under
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What kind of venue would you like to play?
A beach wedding
A dingy, authentic club
A stadium show
A rooftop
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