Which Famous Artist Should Have Painted Your Portrait?
Answer our 9 questions to find out which famous artist should be the painter of your portrait!
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When you go to an art museum, which gallery do you go to first?
Surrealist exhibit
The modern art gallery
The Impressionist and Expressionist galleries
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You commission an artist for a painting to hang above your mantle in your living room. What is the painting of?
Something modern, with a pop-art feel
A surreal landscape
A still life
An abstract, modernist piece
A portrait of you
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Your friend brings over some scarves she crocheted and tells you to pick one. Which one do you choose?
The bold black and white striped one with one red square on it
The one with pale blue and grey stripes that change into bright blue and black at the end
The bright blue one with yellow and white circles
The one made from soft pink and red yarn, with crimson and yellow flowers added to it
The one bright, primary colored stripes and shapes
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What is the most interesting function of art to you?
That it brings beauty to the world
When it pushes the boundaries of the genre it's in
Its technical skill as a function of human creativity
Its statements on society
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If you were an artist, where would your pieces be seen?
On trains and building, around the city
They would be in fine art galleries
Probably they wouldn't be seen, unless they were discovered after my death
Billboards and television
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If you could live anywhere where would it be?
New York
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Imagine a strange rule is enforced and you can only take pictures or draw one subject for the rest of your life. What do you choose?
Strange landscapes
Public figures
Abstract figures
Myself. I'll just paint self portraits and take selfies forever
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Choose a quote:
“I paint flowers so they will not die.”
'Everything you can imagine is real.'
'The way to know life is to love many things.'
'Art is what you can get away with.'
“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”
'I don't do drugs. I am drugs.'
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When you go to a party, how do you behave?
I love to socialize and be the life of the party
I stay quite out of the spotlight, mainly observing others and finding some sincere person to talk with
I most likely wouldn't be going to a party because it's not my scene
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