Which Extreme Sport Should You Try?
9 simple questions to find out which extreme sport should you try.
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When I fall down…
I’ll only fall down when I'm dead.
I get right up again.
I press the button on my emergency alert necklace that lets the paramedics know that I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.
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I am most like…
An eagle.
A platypus.
A race horse.
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My favourite kind of weather is…
I like to stay inside whenever there is any weather happening outside.
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When it comes to heights…
I’m totally okay with them.
The higher, the better.
I generally avoid them and when I can’t, I take the elevator.
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When it comes to speed…
The faster, the better.
Speed is over-rated. I prefer to take my time and enjoy the view.
You should never, ever take stimulants, other than tea. They’re bad for your heart.
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If you told me to jump, I’d…
Put on my safety equipment first.
Give you a stern look and remind you of your manners.
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I prefer
Urban settings.
My living room.
Big open spaces.
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Pick one:
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I wish I could…
Master the elements.
Have a nice little nap right now.
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