Which emotion are you hiding?
Find out emotion you hide from others. If you hide any emotion at all...
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What do you normally do when you're at home?
Sit in my room, away from everyone, so they won't see me cry...
Watch TV and imagine myself sitting in all of the really expensive furniture in the ads.
Sit in a corner and think about how much I hate the world.
Call up some of my friends and hang out with them!
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What kind of music do you like?
Anything bubbly and fun!
Anything that relates to my broken heart...
Anything the rich and famous people are listening to... oh, how I want their lifestyle.
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What's your favorite color?
Red! The color of blood!
Anything the famous people like...
Clear blue... the color of my tears...
Anything bright, like yellow or neon green!!
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Where would you want to live?
Somewhere I can be alone... away from all of the sadness in my life...
With my friends! I can't be without them!
With ALL of the famous people!! I want to be pampered!!
Somewhere where I can sharpen my weapons, maybe a hidden torture chamber.
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What kind of TV show do you like?
Something that shows the inside of expensive houses! I like to imagine that I live there.
Something violent!
Something fun!
I don't watch TV... I cry instead...
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