Which Disney Princess Are You?
Which Disney Princess are you most like? This quiz will tell you!
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You have a day off to do whatever you would like! What do you choose?
Visits to historical places
Travel to the beach
A day at the park
A walk around the city
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You're about to open your birthday present, what do you hope it is?
A new book
Tickets to a musical
A beautiful dress
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You won plane tickets to another continent. Where do you choose to go?
South America
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You're going on a girls' trip to party! Which city would you choose?
Los Angeles
New York City
New Orleans
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You find a bag with $1,000 on the ground, abandoned. What do you do?
Turn it in to police
Go shopping
Donate it to a local charity
Throw a party
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Manicure time. What is going on your fingertips?
Clean and natural
French manicure
Something sparkly
Bold and bright colors
Classic red
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You meet a Prince. Which quality is most important to you?
None of the above
Dreaminess factor
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You need a Princess hairdo. What do you choose?
Long and flowing
Long braids
A fancy up-do
Sleek and straight
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It's 5:00pm! What is your next move?
Read a book
Tea time
Make a snack
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