Which Decade Should You Live In?
A lot of people believe they were born in the wrong era and wish they could have a time machine. But how do we know which era is best for us?
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Choose a pastime:
Riding horses
Listening to music
Surfing the internet
Crocheting or knitting
Skateboarding or rollerskating
Watching TV
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You're on vacation to a city with a world-renowned art museum that you've been dying to visit. What collection are you most excited to see?
Anything in the 'modern' gallery
the Architecture galleru
Jackson Pollock
Andy Warhol
Pablo Picasso
Jean-Michel Basquiat
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You are hosting a retirement party for your dad. What do you have planned?
It will be a pot-luck, very casual, with guests serving themselves and sitting wherever there is a space.
As host, I reserve the right to order take-out or pile us all in the car to go to a restaurant.
It will definitely be formal, with place cards, several courses, and a speech.
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Which clothing style do you think is the cutest?
Torn jeans and a crop top
Leggings and a draping t-shirt
Very feminine dresses
A bohemian maxi dress
Skinny jeans and striped shirts
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You're searching through channels on the radio. What channel catches your ear?
Talk radio
Eighties' music
Classic rock
Alternative rock
Pop radio
Jazz or Swing
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Choose a junkfood snack:
Diet Coke
Red Bull
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Who is your style icon?
Julia Roberts
Molly Ringwald
Angelina Jolie
Brigitte Bardot
Lillian Gish
Rita Hayworth
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You're going shopping for a new bathing suit. What catches your eye?
A simple all-black style
Something very modest that shows as little skin as possible
Bright colors with high-cut bottoms
A halter-top bikini with high-waisted bottoms
A floral one piece
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What is your dream house?
A modern home with an open floor plan and a large garage
A nice apartment or condo, decked-out
A multi-story Victorian style home with a porch
A modest house with a small yard and fence, just enough space for a small family
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