Which Decade Should You Live In?
A lot of people believe they were born in the wrong era and wish they could have a time machine. But how do we know which era is best for us?
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Choose a pastime:
Listening to music
Watching TV
Riding horses
Skateboarding or rollerskating
Surfing the internet
Crocheting or knitting
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You're on vacation to a city with a world-renowned art museum that you've been dying to visit. What collection are you most excited to see?
Jackson Pollock
the Architecture galleru
Andy Warhol
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Anything in the 'modern' gallery
Pablo Picasso
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You are hosting a retirement party for your dad. What do you have planned?
It will be a pot-luck, very casual, with guests serving themselves and sitting wherever there is a space.
As host, I reserve the right to order take-out or pile us all in the car to go to a restaurant.
It will definitely be formal, with place cards, several courses, and a speech.
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Which clothing style do you think is the cutest?
A bohemian maxi dress
Leggings and a draping t-shirt
Skinny jeans and striped shirts
Very feminine dresses
Torn jeans and a crop top
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You're searching through channels on the radio. What channel catches your ear?
Eighties' music
Classic rock
Talk radio
Pop radio
Alternative rock
Jazz or Swing
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Choose a junkfood snack:
Red Bull
Diet Coke
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Who is your style icon?
Angelina Jolie
Molly Ringwald
Brigitte Bardot
Lillian Gish
Julia Roberts
Rita Hayworth
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You're going shopping for a new bathing suit. What catches your eye?
A halter-top bikini with high-waisted bottoms
A simple all-black style
A floral one piece
Bright colors with high-cut bottoms
Something very modest that shows as little skin as possible
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What is your dream house?
A nice apartment or condo, decked-out
A multi-story Victorian style home with a porch
A modern home with an open floor plan and a large garage
A modest house with a small yard and fence, just enough space for a small family
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