Which Deadly Sin Are You?
Do you know which deadly sin you are? Take this short quiz to find out!
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You're at the gas station with a friend, what are you doing?
Buying a lottery ticket or some cigarettes, or flirting with the attendant.
Getting gas. That's why you go to a gas station.
Waiting in the car while he or she pumps gas and gets me a drink.
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You've been drafted onto a football team. What position would you play?
Offensive Tackle.
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You get pulled over for speeding. What do you do?
Flirt your way out. Why hell-ooo, officer.
Pay the ticket.
Start yelling in the cop's face. You'll have his badge!
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The guy or girl you hated in high school was guilty of:
Having too much energy, so annoying.
Being too darn popular, no one is THAT likable naturally.
Having the guy or girl you wanted.
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You've been exposed to gamma rays and are developing superpowers! Finally, you have the power of:
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You stock your fridge before you have guests because …
You don’t want them to know how you really live.
It’s polite and expected.
You don’t. Your fridge is always perfectly stocked.
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What's your favorite holiday?
Your birthday
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You've invented a fabulous machine! The first thing to do is:
Test it out on the neighbors.
Determine how to market it.
Make sure you got your patent registered.
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There's a bug in your room! What do you do?
Shoo it outside.
Scream for someone to help.
Squish it.
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