Which Character Are You From Game of Thrones?
Do you love the world of Westeros? Do you wish you could live there? Find out which character you are and which side you'd be on in the fight for the Iron Throne.
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Which family do you want to see ultimately winning the Iron Throne?
The Targaryens. Who can say no to a mother of dragons!
The Lannisters. They're a messed up family but I love them.
The Starks. They're the only truly good guys in the whole lot.
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What would you be your weapon of choice for assassinating someone?
A dagger to the heart.
I'd just send a dragon after them. It gets the point across.
I would challenge them to an honorable duel.
Poison. It's more subtle.
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What's your favorite season?
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If you had a horse, what color would you want it to be?
Completely black.
I'd want my horse spotted. Maybe white and black?
Pure white.
Why have a horse when you could have a unicorn? I'm just saying.
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Do you like going to weddings?
Yes. They're very romantic and I sometimes cry.
I like going when the bride or groom is a good friend. Otherwise I'd rather skip it.
Wedding! Ack no! Run away! Never ever go to a wedding. You have no idea how dangerous they are!
Only my own.
No. They're boring.
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When someone you love hurts your feelings, what do you usually do?
Lash out and say something to hurt their feelings.
Try to forgive and forget.
Talk to them about it and see if we can't work it out.
Don't say anything and let it fester.
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What exotic animal would you want for a pet?
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How do you feel about the way you look?
I like how I look. I think I'm attractive.
I wish I could change parts of me.
What on earth does it matter? It's what's inside that counts.
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Do you believe in soul mates?
I really don't know. I hope so? Maybe.
No. I've loved several people in my life and they were all important to me.
Yes. Absolutely.
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