Which Avengers 2 - Age Of Ultron Character Are You?
Are you a Avenger, or one of the fascinating newcomers?
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If super powered beings really did exist - do you think they should be registered with the government for public safety?
No, that is a huge violation of personal freedoms
Absolutely! Imagine the implications!
They would have to be exterminated, period
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Do you feel at home where you are now?
Not really - feel kinda "foreign"
Of course
I hate where I am now
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Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) a realistic and possible threat to humankind?
No, just superstitious science-fiction
Not if it can be controlled
Yes. Humans don't stand a chance
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Would you be worthy and pure enough to lift Thor's hammer, Mjolnir?
Yeah.... That's a no
Of course I am
I think I could get it to budge
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Who is your favorite DC (non Marvel comics) character?
Wonder Woman
The Joker
Green Lantern
The Flash
6 / 10
Do you think that alien life is out there?
Not really concerned with it, either way
Logistically, how could it NOT be?
If it is, it's some inferior microbe or bacteria
I don't think so , no
7 / 10
What do you think these two are staring at?
A threat, something they must overcome
A mirror full of their own vanity
A far superior being
ME staring back at their gorgeous selves
Some super cool robot-suit-wearing guy
8 / 10
Do you often butt heads with your friends and family?
I tend to keep to myself
Yes. I'm stubborn. And they're wrong
Not really, I'm pretty easy to get along with
9 / 10
Are you calm and cool under pressure?
I can handle myself
No, I hate stress
I AM the pressure
Cool as a cucumber
10 / 10
Which of these real-life "special abilities" do you possess in spades?
All of these
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