Which Anime Weapon Best Suits You?
Simply put, your ideal anime weapon!
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What would be your ideal weapon?
Anything that will kill.
Anything big!
A long-range weapon, like for stealth!
I wouldn't choose a single weapon, but instead something that accompanies it.
A gun!
A sword!!
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What would you consider your combat style?
"Oh no, he's dead... I wonder who done it..." *Smirks and walks away*
Speedy movement, speedy kill!
Never spotted, never found.
C´MERE!! HRRAAAGH!! *Flails wildly*
100% offense, nothing but attacking!
I just want to kill fast and easy.
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Your personality type?
Narcissistic on the outside, mastermind on the inside.
One word: Rage!
Determined, energetic, and hungry for killing.
Classy, but hot-headed. Willing to fight dirty.
Fast and Furious!
So quiet, not even my breaths can be heard from up close. Shallow and cold-hearted in combat.
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Do you like blood?
No. I prefer to kill in non-bloody ways.
It's a joy to see blood! Especially with a vengeance!
If it's the blood of my enemies, I'd be happy to spill it.
Not so much, from a distance it's fine.
Hell yes!!
Sure thing. *Smirks with bloody fangs*
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If you suddenly got mugged, what would be the first thing you would do?
Whale at him until he's dazed, then finish him off with class!
I wouldn't be out on the streets in the first place.
Try to talk him into releasing you, then finishing him off!
Pull out a pocket knife and stab him!
Little did he know, I had a gun. Kaboom, dead.
Knock him back, parkour around him and knock him out with an air kick!
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And last, but not least, what would be your pre-kill line?
"Game over."
"This is what you deserve!!"
*Clicks pen*
"The end."
"You're dead!"
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