Which Anime Weapon Best Suits You?
Simply put, your ideal anime weapon!
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What would be your ideal weapon?
A sword!!
A gun!
Anything big!
I wouldn't choose a single weapon, but instead something that accompanies it.
A long-range weapon, like for stealth!
Anything that will kill.
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What would you consider your combat style?
C´MERE!! HRRAAAGH!! *Flails wildly*
Speedy movement, speedy kill!
100% offense, nothing but attacking!
Never spotted, never found.
I just want to kill fast and easy.
"Oh no, he's dead... I wonder who done it..." *Smirks and walks away*
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Your personality type?
So quiet, not even my breaths can be heard from up close. Shallow and cold-hearted in combat.
Classy, but hot-headed. Willing to fight dirty.
Determined, energetic, and hungry for killing.
Narcissistic on the outside, mastermind on the inside.
One word: Rage!
Fast and Furious!
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Do you like blood?
It's a joy to see blood! Especially with a vengeance!
Not so much, from a distance it's fine.
Sure thing. *Smirks with bloody fangs*
Hell yes!!
No. I prefer to kill in non-bloody ways.
If it's the blood of my enemies, I'd be happy to spill it.
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If you suddenly got mugged, what would be the first thing you would do?
Pull out a pocket knife and stab him!
Little did he know, I had a gun. Kaboom, dead.
Knock him back, parkour around him and knock him out with an air kick!
I wouldn't be out on the streets in the first place.
Try to talk him into releasing you, then finishing him off!
Whale at him until he's dazed, then finish him off with class!
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And last, but not least, what would be your pre-kill line?
*Clicks pen*
"This is what you deserve!!"
"The end."
"Game over."
"You're dead!"
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