Which Animal Do You Transform Into?
Answer our 9 questions to find out which animal you transform into!
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What pattern do you like to wear?
Something very clean with a nice pattern
A shiny, sleek solid color
Black, white, or grey - mainly solid colors for me.
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What landscape would you like to live in?
A warm city
Snowy mountains
A lush forest
A sunny, green meadow
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Which natural element do you most identify with?
The moon
The earth
The sun
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What is your laugh like?
It comes out like bursts of energy
Loud and powerful
Small, like a giggle
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What is your strongest trait?
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What is your sleeping schedule?
Basically nocturnal
I can sleep anytime, anywhere
It's pretty normal - sleep at night, up in the day
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How would your closest friends describe you?
Usually cheerful, happy to see friends and family, social
Generous, intelligent, and friendly
A little shy but affectionate
A bit temperamental but loving when I want to be
Down to earth and creative
Graceful, and comfortable in my environment
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Your friend tries to help themselves to some of your french fries, what do you do?
Snap at them and pull my tray closer to me. If they want some, they can buy some!
I don't mind, I know how to share!
Glower at them, but don't really do anything.
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What is your ideal Saturday?
Playing sports with friends and sharing a meal.
A relaxing day of picnicking in the sunshine and enjoying Mother Earth.
A lazy cozy day napping around the house watching movies.
A run in the woods, hanging out with some best friends, and maybe a good cuddle at the end of the night.
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