Which Animal Do You Transform Into?
Answer our 9 questions to find out which animal you transform into!
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What pattern do you like to wear?
Something very clean with a nice pattern
A shiny, sleek solid color
Black, white, or grey - mainly solid colors for me.
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What landscape would you like to live in?
Snowy mountains
A lush forest
A warm city
A sunny, green meadow
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Which natural element do you most identify with?
The earth
The moon
The sun
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What is your laugh like?
It comes out like bursts of energy
Small, like a giggle
Loud and powerful
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What is your strongest trait?
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What is your sleeping schedule?
Basically nocturnal
I can sleep anytime, anywhere
It's pretty normal - sleep at night, up in the day
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How would your closest friends describe you?
Generous, intelligent, and friendly
Down to earth and creative
Graceful, and comfortable in my environment
A bit temperamental but loving when I want to be
Usually cheerful, happy to see friends and family, social
A little shy but affectionate
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Your friend tries to help themselves to some of your french fries, what do you do?
Glower at them, but don't really do anything.
I don't mind, I know how to share!
Snap at them and pull my tray closer to me. If they want some, they can buy some!
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What is your ideal Saturday?
A lazy cozy day napping around the house watching movies.
A relaxing day of picnicking in the sunshine and enjoying Mother Earth.
Playing sports with friends and sharing a meal.
A run in the woods, hanging out with some best friends, and maybe a good cuddle at the end of the night.
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