Where Should You Travel?
Answer our 11 questions to find out where in the world you should travel!
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What is your favorite season?
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Which of these foods sounds the most like something you would try?
Cheese with guava jam
Steak and kidney pie
Breaded and deep fried pork cutlet
Fish meatballs
Poutine - french friens, cheese curds, and gravy
Saltwater eel
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Fill in the blank. The best thing about traveling is
Trying crazy foods
Shopping in new cities
Exploring historical sites around the world
The luxury of hotels
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Your main objective on vacation is:
Trying new foods
Meeting the locals
No tan lines
Getting up to no good
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What stresses you out the most about traveling?
The strange foods
None of it, I love it all
Unpredictable weather
Not knowing how to get around
Not understanding the language
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You have only one more full day of vacation. What do you plan to do?
Head to the wilderness
Hit the beach
Eat as much street food as I can!
Take the train out of town and explore
Find a quaint cafe and do some journaling
Go to a museum
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If you could live in any U.S. city where would you go?
New York
Washington, D.C.
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Choose an animal:
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If you could only bring one of the following on vacation, which would you choose?
A cell phone
A cute swimsuit
A sturdy backpack
Hiking shoes
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You are going to furnish your new home all from one store. Which is it?
Vintage shop
Pottery Barn
Crate and Barrel
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What is your philosophy when it comes to traveling?
Life is about experiences, not material goods.
Always exploring around the next corner
Respect the earth and appreciate it
Meet as many people as you can
Indulgence and luxury is key because vacations are rare
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